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The D 60 Big Multi-Stage Incubator advances eggs efficiently through the incubation process in a precisely controlled environment. The incubator can hold two rows of six racks each, and its design allows individual settings of two racks into a progressive unidirectional movement through the incubator cabinet. Continuous operation of the Incubator is simple.Fetilized Chicken Eggs are set twice a week. Every three days, two new racks are rolled into the Incubator, while the existing egg racks are rolled further into the machine. The racks are advanced forward until they are removed from the incubator for transfer to the hatcher. The Egg hatching process , egg incubation takes approximately 21 days period for chickens.First 18 days in egg incubator and last 3 days in egg hatcher.The time is same for every incubator and even for homemade incubator
The unique environmental system of the Incubator concentrates conditioned fresh air to cool the oldest eggs, while using the heat and carbon dioxide from the advanced eggs to warm the early developing embryos. The entrance area of the Incubator serves as a mixing chamber, blending fresh air brought in through the automatic intake with conditioned air already in the Incubator. At the end, powdered by six fans, the air is turned and moved back through the egg racks, traveling over, under and around each egg in the system. This process ensures that each stage of development receives its proper mixture of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide, resulting in an increased production of higher quality day-old chicks.
The Incubator is equipped with the dependable HCS microcontroller based controller for accurate monitoring and control of Egg incubator temperature and humidity with the accuracy f 0.1 degree F. The Controller also controls and counts the automatic trolley turning mechanism which is most helpful for embryonic development.

Egg Incubator and Hatchers Features
  • Special grade industrial material clubbed with PUF
  • Specially manufactured and power coated aluminum extrusion can withstand
  • harsh detergent and sanitizers, prevent rusting and disease molds and mildew
  • Ease of opertion maintenance & cleaning
  • Heavy duty trolleys mounted nylon castor wheels
  • Polypropylene setting trays are specially designed to hold 42 or 77 eggs
  • so the big sized eggs will also get excellent ventilation
  • Electric motor mounted on floor for vibration free and noise free operation
  • Pneumatically controlled 45 degrees turning in either direction.
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